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Used Parts

Updated January 2014

T160 Refurbished cylinder head

£450 exchange



 3 new hard chrome exhaust valve seats fitted 

 All the seats faced. Head has been vapour blasted. Ready to use, just needs valves.

 6 new colsibro valve guides fitted with provision to fit valve guide oil seals if required,

I have one T160 and one T150 refurbished cylinder barrels for sale on an exchange basis £250

The T160 is on standard bores with good threads and tappet blocks, The barrel has been soda cleaned and is in good condition, ready to fit .T150 is bored at +20 and is ready to fit complete with tappet guide blocks. Some of the threads have been repaired to a high standard and the bores checked and honed, with the top surface given a light skim.Good fins without damage.  Barrels have been soda cleaned £250.00 exchange





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