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Tri-Spark Mk2 Classic ignition BSA/Norton Twins (Tri spark kit number TRI-0005B)

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Part Number: TRI-0004

Mk2 Tri-Spark Classic ignition BSA/Norton Twins. Anti clockwise rotation. No black box, everything fits under the points cover, requires 6v coils or 1 x 12v Dual coil Classic Twin utilises 21st century technology to provide simple installation, easy starting with no kick back and superior running. Many years of experience with classic motorcycles and extensive development has resulted in this high precision, zero maintenance, compact and reliable system.  (No ballast resistor required as coils are wired in series). For early Commando and Atlas, use TRI-003 where the rotation is correct for this model. Now with three years warranty and a self testing fault finding facility  Please note that this ignition will not work with any Boyer micropower coils, Coils must have an internal resistance of at least 3ohms   

   Tri spark part number TRI-0005B               

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