Tri Spark Electronic Ignition Systems

6v Tri spark coil (Equivalent to Lucas 17M6) (Tri spark item number IGC-1006)

£49.95EX VAT
Part Number: TRI-0008

6v Tri spark coil  (Equivalent to Lucas 17M6)  (IMAGE SHOWS TWO FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY)

 Tri-Spark coils have extra windings using heavier wire and a high grade core for improved spark energy and duration. Individually inspected and tested to ensure they meet all specifications, the appearance and dimensions are the same as the later Lucas type coil (17m12, 17m6). The Aluminium can takes well to polishing and will yield a bright chrome like finish with minimal effort.

Warning - These coils discharge with a very high voltage so extra care must be taken to always have a spark plug connected to the HT output. A tight fitting rubber cap is required on the coils HT output tower to prevent arcing. Never under any circumstances operate the coil without a spark plug connected.

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