Lifting handle

Lifting handle T120 T150 T160 (not OIF or R3)

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Part Number: LEG-0007

New re introduced product, the LEG-0007 Lifting handle

Fits at the drive side of the bike and is used to lift the bike up onto the centre stand, Folds away very nicely. Anyone who has lifted these bikes knows how heavy they are, Easy to fit , just remove the rear shockabsorber, fit the handle in behind the top shockabsorber bolt, locate the hole for the peg and refit the shockabsorber and mounting bolt, job done. Very usefull piece of kit. Fits T160, T150 and can be fitted toT120 T100 plus possibly many more models but may need some modification to make it fit as it was not designed for these models (not OIF or R3) Please note that the lifting handle will not fit a machine that has shrouded shockabsorbers, only the open spring type.

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