Steering head bearings

T100 from 1966 on/T120/T150 R3 Steering head taper roller conv. (Not X75 without modification to steering stem or early T100 with small head bearings)

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Part Number: 97-4031A

T100 1966 On T120/T150/A75  Steering head taper roller conv. Converts your old cup and cone set to modern taper roller bearings, no more chasing lost ball bearings around the garage floor !!! Please note, the X75 Hurricane has a different steering stem to A75/R3. The bearing outer races are correct, the bottom bearing will need a small collar making to slip down the stem to ensure a snug fit) Also some machines may need a steering stem top collar to ensure the required clearence is correct part number 97-4145. The early T100 up to 1965 had smaller head bearings and this kit is not suitable for these machines)

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